Infant Care
At Rainbow Corner Preschool in South Mumbai, we are dedicated to improving each child’s social, intellectual, emotional and physical development. We aid you in nurturing and parenting your child’s present for a bright future.
Toddler Care
The Toddlers Care Program at our Preschool in South Mumbai, uses hands-on exploration and social interaction in a vibrant and supportive environment to help your one to two year old play, learn and grow.
We offer one of the Best Preschools in South Mumbai. We ensure that effective child development is achieved through integrated social and cultural experiences. We value your child for his/her unique qualities.

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Our goal is to develop children with a sense of empathy and compassion for others, to flourish their creative and curious minds and to provide a caring environment for effective learning and all-round development.

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Rainbow Corner- The Best of the Best Preschools in South Mumbai! (Walkeshwar)

We, The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre, are an Award-Winning and internationally recognized Preschool from New Zealand. Maintaining the same standards, we have brought our best preschool and day care centre to South Mumbai, India.

Our Vision is to be:

  • Fun
  • Safe
  • Educational
  • Innovative
  • Proactive
  • Generous
  • Community Focused
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Rainbow Corner- One of The Best Preschools in South Mumbai.

The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre is one of the Top 10 International Preschools in Mumbai. We take immense pride in introducing our high-quality crèche and preschool in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar). With the aim of establishing a great and fun place for a child to be, we strongly emphasise to provide all-round development in a homely environment.

Best Preschools in South Mumbai

We are now open in Walkeshwar, Mumbai!

  • Searching for a cheerful & fun place for your little one?
  • Been looking for a trustworthy activity centre for your kids?
  • Concerned about your child’s social development!!
  • Your wait for the perfect preschool in Mumbai is over
  • The Best Award-Winning Preschool from New Zealand in Mumbai Now!.
  • Yes, we are open in Walkeshwar, South Mumbai
  • Don’t forget to inform your kid that her Best Friend will be in town soon!!!

We Care, We Share, For the Future We Prepare!


Services Offered by Our Preschool in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar)

Learn Through Play

Children learn how to learn by play.
At Rainbow Corner, we believe that child development is achieved by engaging toddlers in fun play activities. Thus we are one of the best preschools in South Mumbai. We instil effective learning at our playschools.

Education Services

At The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre we follow SPICE Philosophy for overall SMART child development. We offer high-quality education at our best preschools in South Mumbai.

Toys And Games

We stimulate child development by introducing children to various toys and games thus The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre is one of the best Preschools in South Mumbai.

Parental Involvement

The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre is one of the best preschools in South Mumbai as we constantly keep the parents updated with their child’s progress. At, our Montessori schools we also support, guide and counsel parents.

Love and Care

Our preschools in South Mumbai ensures that toddlers have an amazing and memorable childhood by making them experience the warmth of love and affection.

Physical Activity

Special fun Physical Activities are carefully designed for child development of the physical skills and motor skills by the teachers. This is one of the reasons why Rainbow Corner is one of the best preschools in South Mumbai.

Best International Preschool in South Mumbai-Reviews

The Award-Winning Preschool ‘The Rainbow Corner’ from New Zealand is now in India. The Rainbow Corner will promote and deliver high-quality early childhood education through the attraction and retention of quality trained staff. Being one of the best preschools in South Mumbai we make sure to implement child initiated educational practices. The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre has received international recognition and reviews, as we consistently monitor our delivery through “Action, Reflection and Review” between staff, families and management.

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Our Happy Parents!
The thing I adore the most about Rainbow Corner is that the teachers and caregivers genuinely love and cherish my children. I couldn’t think of any other better preschool in South Mumbai to give my children a head start in life.
Amrita Iyer
On our first visit to Rainbow’s Preschool in South Mumbai, our daughter, Sai, felt so welcomed and comfortable that she wanted to attend it every day. Sai loves being at Rainbow Corner. Every day after coming home, she can’t stop talking about her friends, new activities and things she learnt and about all the fun she had at the play gym. We are glad we enrolled our daughter in one of the best preschools in South Mumbai!
Smita Uphad
After touring tons of best preschools in South Mumbai, we went with Rainbow Corner because it not only offers preschool services but they also have their own day care centre in South Mumbai. Shaurya attends the preschool and avails their day care services after preschool. Rainbow Corner is hygienic, well-organised and vibrant. The staff is amazing and most importantly my son, Shaurya likes it a lot! -
Aastha Shah

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