The Rainbow Corner- One of the Best Montessori Schools in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar)

The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre is a high-quality childcare services organization in New Zealand. We have extended our services to India with the aim of being on the top of every list of preschools in South Mumbai. Our playschools provide effective early childhood education, child care centres, and the best Montessori schools in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar) India. We also offer reliable infant care, toddler care and best preschools in South Mumbai for top-quality child development.

Our top  kindergarten in South Mumbai incorporates learning in toddlers and preschool-aged children through fun activities and play. Our pre-primary school systematically designs engaging activities for children to develop their social, physical and intellectual skills.

The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre

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We deliver high-quality early childhood education through the attraction and retention of quality trained staff at our best Montessori schools in Mumbai. Our best Pre Primary School in Mumbai ensures the effective implementation of child initiated educational practices. At our best day care centres in South Mumbai, we consistently monitor our delivery through “Action, Reflection and Review” between staff.

The Rainbow Corner actively fosters educational leadership capacity to promote a culture of enquiry. Furthermore, we support shared knowledge through our best Montessori schools in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar), thus serving to promote and create an appreciation for cultural diversity. Our best preschool in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar) is known for exposing kids to various ethnic and social diversity for overall social growth.

It used to be said that “It takes a whole Village to raise a child.” We believe it takes a “Whole Team to raise a child.”

Our expertise and experience in the industry will be pooled in with our experienced teachers who are committed to nurturing the future leaders of our country.

Our Beliefs and Practices- Reasons why we’re one of the Top Montessori Schools in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar)

  • Being one of the Best Montessori Schools in South Mumbai, we perceive the childhood experience as a significant determinant of as a kid’s later triumph or failure in life.
  • Children are the future of our country and they have a right to a quality childhood
  • A fostering environment offers opportunities to build a strong, meaningful relationship with both children and adults. Therefore, we offer nurturing and caring environment at our top Montessori Schools in South Mumbai
    We believe that children grow in an environment where they can express their feelings, interests and curiosity.
  • It is very important for teachers, caregivers and parents to accept and respect children’s feelings and interests.
  • A situation that strengthens and praises their formative achievements and aides the act of recently procured aptitudes
  • To emphasize overall child development, we believe in providing children with a rich and responsive environment.
  • Our best Montessori Schools in South Mumbai offer a supportive surrounding that promotes child development at an appropriate pace.
Best Montessori schools in South Mumbai for Child Development

Activities at Our Best Montessori schools in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar)


Being one of the Best International Preschools in South Mumbai!

Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts!

Our Vision is to be:

Community Focused

One of the Top Montessori Schools in South Mumbai- Reviews
The Rainbow Corner Montessori School in South Mumbai has been a great help to me. The place is awesome and I am very grateful for all you have done
Nisha Jain
Have loved having Siddharth at your best Montessori schools in Mumbai. He has really enjoyed being here. Thank you so much for developing his social skills
Rohit Singh
Yogini really enjoyed coming to The Rainbow Corner Montessori Schools in South Mumbai. I have seen a huge improvement in her.
Aarti Shukla
Next Stop! Rainbow Corner.

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