Pedagogy of The Best Play School in South Mumbai

 Award-Winning International Play School in South Mumbai, Walkeshwar! 

The Best Award-Winning Preschool from New Zealand brings you the best play school in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar), India. We at The Rainbow Corner’s Best Play School in South Mumbai instil good habits and peculiar mannerism through our unique methods of teaching.

We develop and implement age-appropriate pedagogies for effective child development at our best play school in South Mumbai. The importance of early childhood education in light of scholastic and bookish knowledge is rising and we tend to make a difference.

Being one of the best play schools in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar) we emphasize not only the intellectual development of a child but also on physical, social & cognitive development. Thus, we are at the top of every list of preschools in Mumbai and best Montessori schools in Mumbai. In addition, our best play school in South Mumbai also offers top crèches in Mumbai dedicated to infant care and development.

Effective Learning!

At our Best Play School in South Mumbai.

Being the best play school in South Mumbai, we take the responsibility for the optimal development and well-being of the children. Unlike, other preschools in Mumbai, we not only focus on academic learning but also on physical, social and cognitive development. Our best play school in South Mumbai incorporates learning through unique and engaging activities.

Rainbow Corner’s Play School in South Mumbai!

 A place Where we Learn & Teach Together!

Unlike, other preschools in South Mumbai, we not only emphasis on academic learning but also on mental and spiritual learning. We DO NOT believe in prescribing formal subject teaching! Children at our day care centre and preschool, are provided with a comfortable and expressive environment. With this in mind, we heavily promote and facilitate SPICE and SMART Development!


SPICE Development

Rainbow Corner’s best play school in South Mumbai offers all the necessary resources required for creating quality early learning opportunities. We promote a dynamic and energetic environment, with the motive of facilitating effective all-round child development. Our experiential and fun activities are oriented towards SPICE Development.

Social -Physical- Intellectual- Communication- Emotional
Social Development: Why It Is Important and What to Do About It?

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SMART Philosophy

As a matter of fact, children discover new and different things about the world every day; they are very curious about 3-8 years of age. It is very important to introduce children to basic and interesting SMART lessons as they see, hear, feel and touch things around them. Being the best play school in South Mumbai we emphasize learning by stimulating and satisfying curiosity.

Science – Maths – Arts – Recreation – Technology:
Building a Foundation

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Our Mission

The mission of our early childhood education programs is to work in partnership with families and the community. We strive to enhance the abilities and skills of our children integrating Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communicational, and Emotional (SPICE) development using Science, Mathematics, Arts, Recreation and Technology (SMART) programmes.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs make us the Best International Play School in South Mumbai

• A commitment and passion to support the success of all learners.
• Children learn best in a setting that reflects the diversity of the community. Our best play school in South Mumbai boasts the most advanced and progressive pedagogy resulting in parent-teacher satisfaction.
• All children are capable of learning and have individual needs, skills, and talents.
• Children learn best as active participants in co-operative, play-based experiences.
• Children learn best through experiences that enhance their self-esteem, help them make choices, and develop competencies
• Children learn best using a unified developmentally appropriate curriculum, utilizing child-centred teaching practices and support services.
• Parents/caregivers and Teachers are the child’s primary and on-going educators, sharing equally in the child’s education.
• The sharing of diverse points of view and the encouragement of risk-taking will generate new ideas.
• Centre-based learning experiences provide the child with the foundation for on-going learning and support the child and family to become responsible partners in community life. Therefore, we being the best play school in South Mumbai offer a dynamic and energetic environment for kids to play and learn.


Rainbow Corner offers the Best Play School in South Mumbai and it is everything my son needs while growing up. Thank You for all your services and support!
Niresh Mehta
Rainbow Corner Play school in South Mumbai is just what we were looking for. It is attractive, hygienic and most importantly, it offers quality learning. We are so happy with their kindergarten and day care facilities. We love how supportive all the staff and management are. Our daughter, Apurva has developed a liking toward drawing and painting. Also, she is very fond of her teachers. So why wouldn’t we be satisfied?
Nandini Bhatt
Rainbow Corner is amazing! If only we had such fun preschools in our times! My four-year daughter, Shraddha goes to their play school in South Mumbai and she enjoys being there. I am so happy that we found an energetic and optimistic place for her.
Praneeth Shetty
Nurturing FUTURE Leaders
Best Play School in South Mumbai: We Shape Leaders!!

Within the child, lies the fate of the future! Our preschool in South Mumbai perceives that the destiny of a person is determined by the childhood experiences and early environment. We instil confidence and build strong self-esteem in the children by encouraging and appreciating their interests. Most importantly, we help children to discover their thoughts and feelings, to develop self-identity and independence. With this in mind, we treat every child at our best play school in South Mumbai as the leader she is!

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