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Science – Maths – Arts – Recreation – Technology: Building a Foundation

The Best Award-Winning Preschool from New Zealand brings you the best preschool and playgroup in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar), India. Offering a dynamic and effective curriculum for overall child development.

At Rainbow Corner Kindergarten School in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar), teachers do not hesitate to teach science to our little learners. Science doesn’t have to be a formal subject with boring formulas and tiring lab experiments, at our preschool it’s all about FUN! Think about science in terms of exploring and nurturing a child’s curiosity. Our passionate teachers start by asking meaningful questions that lead to interesting activities, thus, inspiring children to discover the world around them. Studies have shown that teaching science to children enriches their vocabulary as they are introduced to words such as hot, cold, soft, floaty, heavy, light, rough and smooth. After extensive research, teachers at our preschool in South Mumbai develop activities to bring out the best in every child. These activities involve persuading children to go out and play. Our kindergarten in South Mumbai has a safe and secure play for children to feel the air, to play, dig, climb and run.

SMART Kindergarten, SMART Learning!

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Does your little one ask too many questions?

Why Are There So Many Languages in The World? Why Do People Get Sick? Where are Dinosaurs now? Has your little one asked you one of these questions? Is she curious all the time?  The Rainbow Corner’s Kindergarten in South Mumbai is here to your rescue. We encourage children’s natural curiosity, their initiative to learn and understand things around them. SMART Learning develops a child’s perspective of the world; which is the very first step in early childhood education. Children at our preschool in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar) know that behind every curious question lies an interesting fun fact. For the purpose of strengthening a child’s ability to think, our playgroup, toddler day care centre, infant care centre and preschool services in India strive hard to instil innovative and fun ways of learning.

Teaching SMART to Early Learners

At our Kindergarten in South Mumbai, we believe that it is not difficult to teach SMART to children. We facilitate SMART Learning by simply allowing children to explore, by encouraging them to ask questions about the world. Our teachers use the simple strategy of boosting children’s confidence and self-esteem. We offer expressive environment at our kindergarten to motivate kids to ask “what” questions rather than “why” questions. “Why” questions suggest that there is a right answer. “Why do birds have quills?” or “Why do stones sink in the water?” are questions that have answers that kids may not know, and may find it disheartening. On the other hand “What” questions, emphasis on what children are observing and doing. “What are those ants doing?” and “What shapes do you find in those stones?” are questions that welcome kids to watch, impart, and be the “SMART scientists”.

Building Our Nations’ Future

We have to cooperate to change the status quo for our country’s children. The team at The Rainbow Corner Kindergarten School in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar) are leading scholars and we firmly believe that our desires for a vibrant democracy are based upon an establishment of SMART philosophy. We should encourage best practices in SMART from the get-go. Unlike other kindergartens in South Mumbai, we facilitate relevant learning and there is nothing more relevant than exploring the society we operate in. Let’s not wait another day to engage children in effective learning! Hence, we are the only kindergarten in South Mumbai to offer SPICE and SMART learning for comprehensive child development.

Imagine you have to construct a tall, solid building. You’ve chosen your site, developed the ground, and it’s an ideal chance to start building. Where do you start? You surely won’t put the base on the 4th floor. So why should we wait until students are 5 years old entering kindergarten to start taking part in organized school exercises? Students are incredibly active learners at 1, 2 and 3 years old, and we can start building their foundation using SMART Philosophy as soon as they enter this world.

SMART Parents, SMART Kids! 

Absolutely wonderful! Rainbow Corner impressed me on multiple levels. Definitely, one of the best kindergartens in South Mumbai. Thank you,guys! Keep supporting more parentsAbsolutely wonderful! Rainbow Corner impressed me on multiple levels. Definitely, one of the best kindergartens in South Mumbai. Thank you,guys! Keep supporting more parents
Harshada Naik
My daughter, Aarya is very fond of her teachers and religiously obeys them. Most importantly, she has developed many good habits, one of them being washing hands before eating. I believe such little things are very important for all-round development.
Sonali Sharma
We have witnessed a huge change in the way our son, Rahul, speaks and behaves. Rainbow Corner Kindergarten in South Mumbai is truly the best preschool in South Mumbai!
Deepak Kumar
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