Our Planning

One of the Best Nursery Schools in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar)

Our Goal: Explore, Learn & Grow.

Rainbow Corner, the Award-Winning preschool from New Zealand, has extended its child care services to South Mumbai, India. With the objective to broaden every child’s potential through a perfect balance of academic and leisure activities, Rainbow Corner is offering one of the best day care centres, pre-primary, and nursery schools in South Mumbai, Walkeshwar.

Te Whāriki, a curriculum specially designed for effective early childhood education in New Zealand, suggests that “Children are Confident and Competent Learners”. Which is why the educational programme at our nursery schools in South Mumbai encompasses this principle. We believe in inculcating unique and constructive curriculum in our play school, Montessori School and preschool to ensure overall child growth.

Our pedagogies are inspired by the Play-way, Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf and various other smart teaching methods for optimum children empowerment. Our pre-primary school in South Mumbai follows the SMART philosophy to build a strong foundation for learning.

Unlike other nursery schools in South Mumbai, we constantly improve our curriculum and teaching methods for effective early learning. We systematically observe and develop a study plan according to the needs of every child. We do not limit the growth of a child by only focusing on academic learning; we concentrate on every aspect of early childhood development.

Best Nursery Schools in South Mumbai

Rainbow Corner- We offer The best of the best Nursery Schools in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar)

Our Planning Circle

First We “Notice”

This may be through learning stories, anecdotal observations and photos with learning being identified. We record what we see, what we noticed, what we see as valuable to the children, special moments. We then identify and record the common threads of interest/focus we see coming through.

Second We “Recognise”

From what we have noticed, we, as a staff team, identify the learning that is evidence (learning we can see). We record these on the form “What Learning has Taken Place”. We then identify our goals as teachers. What are we going to do to extend this learning? These are called “Teacher Goals”.

Third We “Response”

We brainstorm ideas on experiences we can provide to extend the learning identified and that support our teacher goals. This is recorded in a “web” format. It is “how we intend to respond”.

Nursery Schools in South Mumbai, Walkeshwar

Fourth We “Document”

We collect evidence of the learning and interests being extended and include any spontaneous events or changes in interests that occur throughout the cycle.

Last but not the least we “Revisit”

We evaluate the process we have been through. We put together all our documentation (the cycle), laminate it into a book and have it accessible to the children and parents. Children are then given the opportunity to revisit the learning and interests.

Lastly We Reflect

It is important to reflect upon the extension that has taken place, so we know things like how well the experiences went, what was unplanned, was it in the best interests of the child, were learning, abilities and strengths extended, were the experiences meaningful for the children, how were our teaching strategies, what can we do better/different next time and where to next?

Our Planning Framework

At The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre, we extend children’s learning using their current interests. We focus on recognizing the common threads of learning that are happening in the centre and then implement strategies, teachers’ goals and experiences in relation to the current interests to extend the learning further. This allows for change. It allows for any changes in direction/ interests. We can still focus on the learning but change the interest we are extending as children’s interests change (emergent curriculum). Of course, if anything new or spontaneous pops up, we also capitalise on these moments.

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