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SPICE Development!

Social -Physical- Intellectual- Communication- Emotional Development

The Best Award-Winning Preschool from New Zealand brings you the best preschool and playgroup in South Mumbai (Walkeshwar), India. Offering a dynamic and effective curriculum for overall child development.

At the  Rainbow Corner Playgroup in South Mumbai, we make great efforts to lead children on the path of discovering their self-identity and to help them develop strong self-esteem. This is achieved majorly through social interaction initiated by our teachers through a special curriculum offered at our playgroup school in South Mumbai. Social interaction plays a vital role in boosting children’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Children at The Rainbow Corner Day care centre and playgroup in South Mumbai play with each other and enthusiastically participate in activities. These activities help them to recognize that not everyone is alike, everyone has some unique qualities, which will help them recognise their own special and unique qualities. This revelation is necessary for building a strong sense of identity. Our playgroups in Mumbai have a loving and free environment, we encourage children to develop friendships and maintain them.

What Children Learn

  At our Loving Playgroup School in South Mumbai!

At Rainbow Corner playgroup in South Mumbai, we not only prepare kids for a better tomorrow, but also for the best today! Standing by our beliefs and visions, we give the best to children, the best of everything. Today, with increasing pressure on kids to perform well academically, it is important to realize that children need to truly learn and grow. Hence, we emphasise and promote SPICE learning. Being one of the best Montessori Schools in South Mumbai, we are dedicated to facilitating each child’s development at her own pace. With our unique curriculum, we ensure that overall child growth is achieved. We, at our playgroup in South Mumbai, include activities that enhance a child’s motor and gross skills, speech and thinking ability. Most importantly, we offer one of the finest international playgroups in Mumbai to stimulate a child’s curiosity and inculcate good habits. Our expert teachers infuse learning with play, thus children find academic and intellectual learning fun.

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Why SPICE Learning is a MUST!

Neurological Research shows that the early years play an important role in children’s development. It is very important to encourage children to engage in activities and plays to boost their growth. We promote SPICE Development in infants, toddlers and preschoolers to create healthy, compassionate and active adults. Further it builds a strong base for SMART Development.  Our playgroup in South Mumbai takes pride in promoting unique teaching methods

Physical Development

Physical development refers simply to the physical growth of a child, this important area of development actually refers to the development of physical skills and motor skills. Being the best playgroup in South Mumbai, we encourage children’s development by introducing activities that challenge them a little.

What is social development?

Social development refers to the ability of children to interact and bond with others around them, establishing human relationships such as friendship and kinship. We offer the best playgroup in South Mumbai, which is all about following the lead of the child. The social development of a child starts off at infancy and is mainly about bonding with their parents and primary caregivers as well as anyone they may come into frequent contact with. As they mature, they begin to interact with each other through play.

The Best Playgroup in South Mumbai.

What do we mean by motor skills?

This is the ability to make purposeful movements with the utilisation of the necessary skeletal muscles that are required to accomplish a task. Motor skills generally involve the proper functioning and coordination of the brain, skeleton, joints and nervous systems. Its occurs in early childhood and can be divided into gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Our playgroup in South Mumbai realizes the importance of developing motor skills in toddlers.

Gross motor skills

Gross motor skills are acquired during infancy and up to early childhood. Children at the age of two are normally able to stand up, walk and run. As the child grows, these skills involving the use of large muscle groups will improve as the child learns how to better control their movement. Our playgroup school in South Mumbai uses innovative toys and shapes to enhance the ability of toddlers to grasp things firmly and gradually improve their gross motor skills.

Fine motor skills

This refers mainly to the coordination of small muscle movements usually occurring in the hands and fingers, in coordination with the sensory organs like the eyes and the ears. At our playgroup in South Mumbai, we ensure the development of fine motor skills which is important for the development of other skills such as writing, cutting, basic self- help skills and so on.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents!
After touring tons of playgroups in South Mumbai, we went with Rainbow Corner because it not only offers playgroup services but they also have their own day care centre in South Mumbai. Vaibhav attends the playgroup school and avails their day care services after. Rainbow Corner is hygienic and dynamic. The staff is amazing and most importantly my son, Vaibhav likes it a lot!
Vaishnavi Sheth
My son, Parth, enjoys his time at Rainbow Coner playgroup in South Mumbai. He is always happy and we have seen tremendous development in his speech and reading ability. The teachers are very calm and always looking after him. I love the environment at their playgroup school.
Rekha Patil
Rainbow Corner is hands down the best playgroup in South Mumbai. As a parent, I am so happy seeing my child enjoying and learning.
Shivani Shenoy
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