We, at The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre, believe that children learn and grow better in safe, loving places where they can explore themselves and their surroundings. Our toddler activity centre in South Mumbai offers everything a child needs for her effective development. According to facts, a person’s ability to perform better in life is linked to their early childhood development. So, choosing the best toddler day care centre is a must! The activities at our day care centre in South Mumbai are developed in response to better stimulate toddlers’ curiosity and to facilitate their natural desire to push boundaries. We concentrate on the sensorial, physical, social and emotional development of children.

These activities include the introduction of child-friendly objects and toys such as shape sorters, blocks of different sizes and shapes, child-size play furniture, play appliances and building tools, puzzles and riddles. We have specific time allotted to enhance the abstract learning at our daycare such as drawing, clay and modelling dough and finger paints. To enhance motor skills we have indoor play areas offering various sports activities. It is very important to improve speech and hearing ability of toddlers, therefore at our day care centre in South Mumbai, we have specific time allotted for reading books, placards, listening to music, playing music instruments, singing and grooving to rhythms.

The Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre is the ultimate fun place for children. We make sure that the time spent at our preschool and day care centre in South Mumbai is the best time of the day for children.

“Play is the highest form of Research” – Albert Einstein.

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