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One of the Best Child Care Centres in South Mumbai for Toddlers!

We, at Rainbow Corner Early Learning Centre, understand that it is one of the most difficult tasks for a parent to leave their Toddler at a crèche, thus we offer one of the most reliable and trustworthy child care care centres in South Mumbai, Walkeshwar. We have every necessary facility required for the well-being of children.

We are well-equipped with 24*7 CCTV monitoring and we give its live access to parents. Our crèche in Mumbai are well-known for having a safe, hygienic and energetic environment with lovely caregivers. Expert child care, all-round growth and homely comfort are some of the elements that make us one of the best child care centres in South Mumbai for infants, toddlers and preschoolers!

Along with offering child day care centre in South Mumbai, we also offer best early childhood education at our preschool. Thus, we prepare infants and toddlers for preschool learning at our daycare. Rainbow Corner is their home away from home, we aspire to see infants grow up to be energetic toddlers that spring into smart preschoolers, and to see these preschoolers become leaders of tomorrow. The Rainbow Corner will be honoured to be a partner of your children and to prepare them for a better future!

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Fun Toddler Activity Centre in South Mumbai, Walkeshwar!

The activities at Toddler child day care centre in South Mumbai, Walkeshwar are developed in response to better stimulate toddlers’ curiosity and to facilitate their natural desire to push boundaries. We concentrate on the sensorial, physical, social and emotional development of children.

These activities include the introduction of child-friendly objects and toys such as shape sorters, blocks of different sizes and shapes, child-size play furniture, play appliances and building tools, puzzles and riddles. We have specific time allotted to enhance the abstract learning at our daycare such as drawing, clay and modelling dough and finger paints. To enhance motor skills we have indoor play areas offering various sports activities. It is very important to improve speech and hearing ability of toddlers, therefore at our child day care centre in South Mumbai, we have specific time allotted for reading books, placards, listening to music, playing music instruments, singing and grooving to rhythms.

We are one of the best child care centres in South Mumbai because we offer the ultimate fun place for children. We make sure that the time spent at our preschool and child care centres in South Mumbai is the best time of the day for children.

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